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Beyond the obvious services of fixing bugs and answering questions, we want to truly make you successful. To that end, we have experts armed with experience and technologies available to help.

DCSA Analysis – Data-Centric Security Assessment


DCSA analysis is a service that evaluates the complete application stack, quantifies the risk to the data in every stack element, and the reasons for that risk. DCSA can also quantify the security value you will derive in your specific environment and from various tools and actions to help you determine the best investment path and course of action to improve the security of the application and reduce the risk to the data.


DCSA is an interview-based service. We will ask questions about the application topology along with your estimate of various aspects of the application stack and personnel. All these parameters will go into our DCSA software that will calculate the risk to the data in the various stack elements. The risk we calculate follows the path of the data through the application stack and is entirely dependent on the input you provided.

Database Evaluation – Deep inspection of your database environment


Database evaluation aims to help you understand security problems with the way your database is being used. Who has privileges? Where the activity is coming from? What problematic practices are used by personnel? Who is accessing the data and how? Let our experts have a look and provide you with advice.


Database Evaluation is based on the capabilities of Core Audit. We will deploy Core Audit on your database and let it run for a week or two. At the end of the period, we will collect the Core Audit repository and our experts will use the Core Audit forensic tools to analyze all the activity that was collected.

Product Installation – Help install the products and set up some basic policies


Product installation aims to leave you with a working product that is installed & configured and has a few basic policies & reports in place to get you started. This is a basic service that aims to help you get started and get things working in your environment.

If you later run into problems, the same support staff will be there to help and answer questions. We believe in dedicated personal service and will not pass you around between departments and people around the globe.


Product installation is done remotely using web conferencing and screen sharing services. Our experts here in California will work with you on your systems to ensure everything is up and running to your satisfaction.

To ensure your continued satisfaction, you will have the contact information of the people that helped you and will be able to continue talking to them after the installation is done. We’re not going to disappear.

Implementation Assistance – Help evaluate your goals and convert them to actions


Sometimes you need more than help in the technical aspects of using the product. Sometimes you need help in defining the requirements and converting abstract goals into practical achievable tasks. We can help you convert your general goal of securing the system into specific steps, policies, and actions.


This service is provided remotely by our experts in California, but it’s hard to define a one-size-fit-all methodology when it comes to this type of implementation service. While there are many common practices that we can suggest, our experts will work with you to understand exactly where you are and where you want to get to.