About Blue Core Research

Unique Technologies

The best technologies, products, and services yield the best results


Core Technologies are the most expensive aspect of IT products and are, therefore, unlikely to change. When you purchase an IT product you are committed to the core technology it is based on and the benefits and limitations that come with that technology.

Blue Core Research is an advanced technology company developing innovative core technologies from the ground up to address the difficult challenges customers face in IT security.

Our unique techniques and technologies do not rely on any existing solutions or generic methodologies and are designed specifically to address the problems you’re trying to solve and solve them properly.

Products & Services

Technology is only usable when wrapped in a product that makes is accessible to you. We also understand that complex technologies are not easy to understand and can be difficult to master with the multitude of tools you use daily.

We build our solutions from the ground up keeping you in mind. We do not rely on other vendors or generic methodologies and our solutions are made specifically to address the problems you’re trying to solve. We put ease of use as an important guiding principle with many built-in features aimed to help you quickly achieve your goals.

And if you have a problem or need assistance, our support personnel, experts, and the entire R&D team are all here to ensure you are successful.

Your Success

Our commitment is your success

Your Success

More often than not, success is a result of commitment. The difference between a successful project and useless shelfware can be the vendor being there when you need them to answer questions or help out. As our decade-old customers can testify, we are there when you need us. Whatever the problem, you can count on us to help out.

Here for the long haul

Large vendors can sunset products while small startups go out of business. There’s always a risk no matter which vendor you choose. Blue Core Research is a small startup that is debt-free. We’ve been around for over a decade and our only commitments and obligations are to our customers. We will continue to be there for you for the long haul.