You can’t win when you can’t see the game

Database Auditing – Visibility that allows you to win

Database auditing is part of the foundation of modern database security and is required by every compliance requirement and framework. When implemented properly, it allows you to know and understand who’s doing what in your database. Such visibility cannot be achieved without database auditing and without it you’re flying blind unaware of attacks, data breaches, compromised accounts, abuses of privilege, and more.

Product Capabilities

  • Full Capture
    Capture technology is one of the most important components in a database auditing tool. It determines the visibility you can achieve and the cost of that visibility in terms of performance impact. Core Audit Full Capture can see 100% of the database activity with almost no performance impact. 100% visibility means that Full Capture sees all the network activity, local activity, encrypted activity, internal database activity, and everything else that runs in the database engine. Low performance impact means that to achieve this visibility, Full Capture will take less than 3% CPU, very low network bandwidth, and no memory or I/O resources. Full Capture is the foundation that drives all of the functionality in Core Audit.
  • Easy Compliance & Reporting
    Core Audit contains wizards that will guide you through most of the policies and reports you will need. This includes monitoring sessions, DBAs & privileged users, DDLs, access to sensitive tables, access by sensitive programs, and more. The built-in reporting engine can generate both reports and alerts, has a built-in scheduler, supports multiple formats, emails, integration with external systems, custom actions, and more.
  • Forensics
    Core Audit contains two independent repositories: the compliance repository and the security repository. The compliance repository gives detailed forensics about specific activity that you choose to record. The security repository gives you aggregate level visibility into everything that ever happened in your database. The security repository ensures that whether you thought of monitoring for it or not, you will always know what happened.
  • Anomaly Analysis
    Driven by the powerful security repository, the Core Audit Anomaly Analysis engine can compare and contrast database activity to find unusual patterns and behaviors. This includes detection of SQL injection and other unusual application behaviors, new or unusual access to sensitive information, new users, programs, or machines, unusual activity levels, unusual data extractions, activity at unusual times of day, and more.
  • Much more
    Core Audit has a lot more features and functionality that we will only briefly mention. These include Meta-data snapshots of objects, users, privileges, and more, the ability to identify changes in those, and perform comparisons between databases. Preventative security that can isolate DBAs from data, protect the application account, enforce separation of duties, apply limits on SQL execution data extractions, perform dynamic masking, and much more.

Business value

  • Full Capture
    One of the most significant technical challenges in database auditing is the capture technology. Without going into too much detail, our unique technology allows us to see everything that is happening in the database with almost no impact to the database or the infrastructure. This means that using Core Audit will give you the full power of the product without impacting your SLAs.
  • Compliance
    One of the expected benefits from an auditing solution is to help with compliance. Core Audit allows you to quickly setup policies and reports that monitor the common threats you are required to control. You can later customize and tune your policies and reports to meet the exact expectations of your auditors. Whether you need to comply with SOX, PCI, HIPAA, or any other requirement, Core Audit can help you do that quickly and efficiently.
  • Security
    One of the big challenges in security is the unknown. You never know where an attack will come from or how it will materialize. How long it takes you to become aware of an attack or a data breach is crucial to minimize the impact. Unlike compliance that monitors known weak spots, Core Audit security is meant to cover everything. Core Audit security will give you visibility into everything that ever happened in your database as well as alert you of anomalous database activity patterns.
  • TCO
    Total cost of ownership is a complex subject that involves direct costs, time investment, personnel, software, hardware, and more. Core Audit was designed to be extremely efficient and effective to provide you with the best value in each and every category. Core Audit has been designed and optimized to use minimal hardware resources and requires no additional software. Further more, the solution can be installed, configured, and maintained with minimal time investment thanks to intuitive wizards that do most of the heavy lifting. Finally, the product was designed not to require DBA involvement beyond the initial deployment. This means that valuable resources can be allocated to other important business priorities.
  • Maturity path
    You need a technology and a solution that works for your current needs and can grow with you as your security and compliance needs evolve. Invest in technologies that do not put boundaries on what you can achieve.