Frequently Asked Questions

A little more clarity before talking to us

  • How do you License your product?
    We generally count the number of databases or instances we work against. We DON'T count CPUs, volumes of data, network traffic, etc. For exact information and quotes, please contact us.
  • What are the product requirements?
    The products are extremely efficient in CPU usage, disk footprint, memory usage, and network bandwidth. Generally speaking, low end PC hardware or virtual machines are sufficient in most cases. However, sizing depends significantly on how you intend to use the products. Please contact us to help you determine the correct sizing for your environment.
  • What else do I need to buy or install?
    Nothing. The products are completely self-contained and include everything required for normal operations. To run the products you will need to have a supported operating system installed. On Windows we might also require the .NET framework to be installed. To connect to databases remotely we will require database drivers (which we can also provide).
  • How much does the solution cost?
    Pricing can get complicated because it depends on what you buy, where you are located, and various bundling options. We want to give you the best possible price for what you need, and it might be difficult for you to determine what to ask for without a full understanding of each product line and all the bundling options. Additionally, due to channel agreements and various taxes, pricing can differ in different regions. Talk to us and we'll get you the best possible deal.
  • What services would I need to get up and running, and how quickly can you do it?
    In most cases, no additional services are required, and we can get you installed, configured, with a few reports and alerts generating in a couple of hours. However, we often recommend deployments to be better planned and controlled. It all depends on your needs. We can move as fast or as slow as the situation warrants.
  • How can I get more detailed product information?
    Our experience has shown that customers are most successful in understanding the product and performing successful POCs if they attend a 1 hour demo of the product. While the products are easy to use, they have a lot of functionality. A one-on-one demo would give you an overall understanding of the product, and it will allow us to understand your needs and guide you to the features that are most relevant to you.
  • How can I evaluate your product?
    Contact us for a free trial version. We recommend that prior to the evaluation, you attend a 1 hour one-on-one discovery call and demo to improve your chances of a successful POC.
  • What happens once I contact you?
    You should expect to be contacted by one of our product experts within one business day to perform a short discovery call. The purpose of the call is to understand your environment and needs, and based on that arrange a 1 hour web demo of the relevant product. After spending an hour on a web demo you'll have a good understanding of what we can do for you and how. We can then decide on a plan moving forward. Some customers want to move quickly into a POC, while others take time to deliberate their needs. When we install a POC in your environment, we'll help you get started and follow up until you are satisfied with the product. The learning curve of the products is very quick and many customers just figure it out on their own. Most POCs take a few days, but they can be shorter or longer depending on you.
  • Why should I buy from Blue Core Research?
    The simple truth is that we have the best solution, and we care about you. We are an advanced technology company that is focused on two things only - listening to our customers, and inventing and building the best technologies to properly address their needs. Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.
  • Do you have analyst reviews?
    What most customers don't realize is that analyst reviews such as the "Magic Quadrant" cost money. As a company we choose to invest in building better solutions for you, rather than spending on marketing. Remember that ultimately, all this marketing spending comes out of your pocket.
  • What markets does Blue Core Research serve?
    We are what's known as a cross-vertical company. We target security problems in IT environments, and those problems exist in almost all companies. Whether you have financial information, employee information, customer information, health care records, credit cards, or any other type of information that is important to secure - you could be our customer.
  • Does your solution work in the cloud?
    Most of our solutions are what's known as on premises. That means that we sell permanent or annual licenses to our software, and you install that software in your environment. In many cases, you can install our software in the cloud as well, but the devil is always in the details. Talk to us and we'll help you find the answer for your particular case.
  • I already have some solution(s) in place, but I like what you have to offer
    We will work with you to replace what you have and upgrade you to our solutions. Let us move you to the best technology at the lowest cost.
  • I have a unique situation/challenge, can you help?
    Talk to us. in many cases your unique problem is something that other customers experienced and we can recommend the best approach to solving it. If this is the first time we hear about it, our engineering team will work with you to find a correct solution. Listening to our customers and solving real problems is how we make our products better. Let us help you.