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Oracle Database Security – Part 1

Securing any system is a complex task, but the Oracle database poses special challenges. This series of posts aims to analyze the problem and come to conclusions about what can and should be done in real world environments. The first step in security analysis is risk assessment, so part 1 will focus on: Who poses […]

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Security State of the Government

I read a survey today about about the state of government security as perceived by more than 200 government IT security professionals. I found the results to be very interesting. The survey shows concern is mostly about inside problems. The further outside the threat is, the less it is considered a threat. I find this […]

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Insider Threat

On June 26, the FBI arrested Gary Foster, a former accountant in Citigroup that allegedly embezzled more than $19.2 million. We don’t want to think that employees embezzle, but it happens. What caught my eye was not that an accountant might have embezzled, but the fact that it took a year before anyone noticed millions […]

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