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Security State of the Government

I read a survey today about about the state of government security as perceived by more than 200 government IT security professionals. I found the results to be very interesting. The survey shows concern is mostly about inside problems. The further outside the threat is, the less it is considered a threat. I find this […]

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Cybersecurity Enhancement Act

The Cybersecurity Enhancement Act that was buried in the senate committee, is back to life. To see the bill, you can go to the library of congress S.1152.IS. I was curious to know how the Federal Government is going to help cybersecurity through legislation, so I read a little. While I was very skeptical about […]

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Continuous Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring is the simple notion that in a dynamic IT environment one cannot expect security to be static. It’s trying to introduce the idea that security has to constantly change and become part of the IT dynamics rather than being evaluated only once a year. I recently read the Federal government interpretation of continuous […]

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