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The cover story of the April issue of Dark Reading was “Diary Of A Breach” by Adam Ely. I read it a few months ago and remembered it this morning when I was reading about the SAFE Data Act. “Diary of a Breach” was a well written piece that walked the reader through an imaginary […]

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Security is an illusion

On Monday July 11, the hacker group Anonymous announced that it penetrated Booz Allen Hamilton. See their post Here. According to the post, the attack was easy and took only 4 man hours. It was easy because they managed to find a server with no security. After penetrating the network, they got passwords, sources and […]

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HIPAA has a bite

HIPAA is a federal law protecting healthcare information that was enacted in 1996 and took effect in 2003. However, for years it was known to have little enforcement. The HITECH act of 2009 made improvements to HIPAA, but did it really change anything as far as enforcement goes? Personally, I was skeptical. Recently UCLA was […]

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