Oracle Database Security

Oracle database auditing can significantly enhance the security of the Oracle database. The traditional preventative controls that come built into the Oracle database are rarely enough. This page shows various aspects of security and provides information about the value of auditing for various aspects of security.

Why Secure an Oracle Database?

Oracle databases tend to house the most valuable information in the organization. From credit cards to financial records, if it’s valuable – it’s probably in a database.
There are many reason to protect that information from unapproved access:
  • The Law – In many cases, the law or a regulation requires protective the information. The Compliance section deals with that in more detail.
  • Cost – Data breaches can have calamitous effects costing hundreds of millions. Costs arising from lawsuits, fines & penalties, incident investigations, and more.
  • Damages – Data breaches can damage the company in many other ways. From publication of sensitive corporate information to damaged reputation and loss of business.
  • Moral Duty – While not financially motivated, the underlying reason for it all is that you are safe guarding information that belongs to other individuals. You were entrusted with this task and failure to do so can cause significant harm to those who put their faith in you.

Understanding the Security value of Auditing

Understanding the Security value of AuditingUnderstanding the Security value of Auditing
Many people find is difficult to understand the value of detective systems like Oracle database auditing. A common analogy compares detective systems to watching the bullets fly by.
As valuable as preventative systems are, not having a detective system is like having the security of a mailbox instead of that of a bank.

Internal threats - Fraud

Internal threats - Fraud
There’s research about who commits fraud, their state of mind, and how to reduce the risk.
Learn what is the Fraud Triangle, and how to break it.

External threats - Hackers

External threats - Hackers
There’s research about hackers and data breaches.
Facts and the numbers from 8 years and thousands of incidents

Security Checklist

Security Checklist
At the end of the day, what needs to be protected is the data.
This checklist raises many points you should consider in your security strategy.

Oracle Weaknesses

Oracle Weaknesses
What are the natural strengths and weaknesses of Oracle database security?
What are the possible attack vectors that can be exploited?

Intelligent Auditing

Intelligent Auditing
Intelligent Auditing can find things that manual inspection will never detect.
From SQL injections to Zero day attacks and Privilege abuse.

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation
How to bridge the evidence gap between login and logout.
It can make all the difference in a forensic incident investigation.

Compliance Vs. Security

Compliance Vs. Security
It should be pointed out that every compliance regulation requires database auditing. However, customers shopping for compliance products and customers shopping for security products tend to look for different things.
Compliance customers look for Declarative Auditing in which the customer specifies what activity to audit, and the system provides reports about that activity. Security customers look for Intelligent Auditing where the product finds anomalies and points them out to the customer. In the words of one customer: “I don’t want to tell you what to audit, I want you to tell me.”
While Core Audit provides both declarative and intelligent auditing, this section concentrates on the intelligent part. To read more about declarative auditing, see the Compliance section.
But what is the difference between Database Compliance and Database Security? It’s the same as the difference between driving by the law and driving safely – While the regulations promote security, you can comply with the regulations, without having your database fully secured.
Unfortunately, when a breach occurs, regardless of the reason, it’s hard to avoid the Staggering Costs.

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