Take Control

Take Control
Oracle database auditing can be one of the most powerful tools a DBA can ask for. Oracle DBAs like to have control over their databases, and Oracle database auditing will allow you to take control in a way you didn’t imagine possible.
Visibility is the name of the game, and Core Audit can show you what the users are doing, what the application is doing, and even what the database is doing internally. Nothing is left hidden.

Data & Tools

Core Audit Full Capture technology captures all the database activity at less than 3% overhead. All the activity includes inside stored procedures, triggers, anonymous blocks, dynamic SQL, and more. You can even see SQLs that authenticate users, extend tables, or the job scheduler checking the queue.
But the true power gained from this capture is revealed by what the Audit Server can do with all this information. The information is recorded in three different ways:
  • Sessions – all logins and failed logins are automatically recorded
  • SQL – policies define the SQL activity you want to record in detail
  • Complete Picture – automatically records 5 minute counts of every Reduced SQL in the database, and every SQL source
Additionally, there are two other options:
  • LiveTap – on-the-fly tap into the activity stream to see live activity as it happens. No recording, just straight to your screen.
  • Logminer – an additional collector that captures before and after values from the Oracle redo logs for defined tables
There are dataviews that allow you to analyse and drill through the information, perform forensic investigations, and see exactly what everyone is doing. There are also reports and alerts that can notify you when certain activity happens.

More Power

While all these tools can show you everything that happened, it’s sometimes hard to find the needle in the haystack. For that, Core Audit comes with an anomaly analysis engine. This engine can go through every SQL that executed in the database to find the few exceptions you are looking for.
The anomaly engine uses the security repository behind Complete Picture, so all the information it uses is always collected. You can, therefore, get alerted when new anomalies occur, or run anomaly analysis on any time in the past.
The anomaly engine has filters (text in the SQL, the username, etc), anomaly parameters (new activity, high volume, low volume, time of day, etc), and formatting (all the regular reporting capabilities of columns, grouping, etc).
Whether you thought of monitoring for it or not, Core Audit was collecting data. And if you want to know when someone is touching something they are not supposed to, Core Audit will alert you.

What's next?

I want to know more about Core Audit!
Great! Here are a few options:
  • Read more about Core Audit features, reports, etc.
  • Try our Online Demo and play with Core Audit right now
  • Ask for a Personal Demo from one of our experts and get all your questions answered
  • Download a Free Trial and experience Core Audit on your systems
I only want more information, not a product
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