Real Performance

Real Performance
One of the biggest concerns when deploying anything on a production server is the performance impact. Oracle database auditing raises specific concerns because of the volume of activity that needs to be audited, and because of the performance impact of well known options.

The Information

We state that Core Audit takes less than 3% overhead. For some reason, people tend not to believe us when we say that. This is partially because it’s hard to imagine this is possible, and partially because companies tend to make up numbers when it comes to things like performance.
To show real numbers, we measured the performance impact during the recording of the online demo. While every environment is different, the SQL load of the online demo load was not small, and you could look at the demo to see exactly what it was comprised of.

SQL Load

The captured loads on the different databases were:
  • AIX-11g – 1,400 SQLs/sec
  • Linux32-10g – 6,000-7,000 SQLs/sec
  • Linux64-11g – 6,000-7,000 SQLs/sec
  • Solaris-10g – 5,000-6,000 SQLs/sec
  • Windows-11g – 7,000-8,000 SQLs/sec
None of the systems reached 100% utilization, and the SQL load depended on the network latency between the client and the target system. For example, the AIX database was on the WAN while the Windows database was on the same machine as the client.
To reach such a high SQL load, the SQLs had to run fast. But because Core Audit only captures the SQL text of an executed SQL, its performance impact is dependent on the number of SQLs executed and not the load those SQLs generate on the Oracle database. In other words, lots of fast SQLs is a worse case scenario for Core Audit.

Agent Performance

Agent performance was measured by CPU utilization of the agent on the audited database servers using standard tools like top, topas (AIX), and task manager (Windows):
  • AIX-11g – Ranging between 0.2% – 2.5%
  • Linux32-10g – Ranging between 0.3% – 0.7%
  • Linux64-11g – Ranging between 0.3% – 1.7%
  • Solaris-10g – Ranging between 0% – 0.1%
  • Windows-11g – Ranging between 0% – 0.1%
Since none of the systems reached 100% utilization, the agent was not restricted and could take as much CPU as it required.

More Information

For more details about the performance measurements during the recording of the demo, including audit server performance and details about the environments, see the Demo Performance.
Go to the Online Demo to examine the exact nature of the SQL load (which SQLs, number of sessions, etc), or to read more about the online demo.

What's next?

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  • Download a Free Trial and experience Core Audit on your systems
I only want more information, not a product
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