Big Brother is Watching

Big Brother is Watching
For many DBAs, the first thing that comes to mind when the subject of Oracle database auditing comes up is that Big Brother will be watching them.
It’s true that Big Brother will be watching, but is that a bad thing?

Big Brother is already Watching

The reality is that Big Brother is already watching. We’re not talking about the government, but about your company.
While every company is different, most already have a significant amount of monitoring:
  • There are cameras in the little domes on the ceiling watching the hallways next to your cubicle or office
  • Websites you go to are logged by the firewall and monitored
  • Your emails are archived and can be monitored (check your corporate IT policy)
  • If you have Instant Massanger, all the activity is archived and can be monitored
  • Phone calls you make are logged by the phone exchange and monitored. The logs contain the phone numbers you called and the length of the conversations
  • If you have an ID badge, the door scanners log you every time you use it
It’s amazing how much information your company is collecting about your movements an your communication. There actually is a lot more information, but we tried to stick to the simple things.
Additionally, if the company has a good SIEM system, all that information goes into one central repository for correlation. For example, to match your ID scan at the door, to your logging into the corporate network, to your reading of emails, and your surfing of the internet, etc.


Imagine that tomorrow morning a list is found hanging in the lunch room. The list contains the salaries and bonuses of senior management. It’s a protest against recent layoffs or a the new ‘no-raises’ policy. For kicks, the anonymous vigilante also included phone and social security numbers.
The CEO demands to know the culprits of this egregious privacy violation, and IT rashes to investigate. A quick review comes up with a handful of individuals that had access to the information: The HR director, two HR assistants, and two DBAs.
Unfortunately, there is no way to know who pulled the prank because there are no logs. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to prove it was the disgruntled HR assistant and not one of the DBAs?
Big brother is already watching, only so far he isn’t in your corner protecting you.

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