Oracle Database Auditing for DBAs

Oracle database auditing will help you gain more control over your Oracle database. Control in an Oracle production environment translates into security, compliance, and most importantly – stability and reliability.

Big Brother

Big Brother
For many DBAs, the first thing that comes to mind when the subject of Oracle database auditing comes up is that Big Brother will be watching.

Take Control

Take Control
Oracle DBAs like to have control over their databases, and database auditing can give you control you didn’t imagine possible.

SQL Attacks

SQL Attacks
Look at the SQL attacks mounted against the Oracle databases during the recording of the online.

Real Performance

Real Performance
One of the biggest concerns when deploying anything on a production server is the performance impact.

The DBA World

The DBA World
In the real world, DBAs have pressures and problems that cannot always be answered by Oracle database features. See if you share some of these pains, and find out why Core Audit is what you were looking for.

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Not a problem, here is a list of relevant pages, and we are always available to answer any question
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