Built-in Bundles & Wizards

Built-in Bundles & Wizards
Core Audit comes built-in with several bundles that contain policies and reports designed to achieve specific goals. Each bundle has a wizards that asks for relevant information and creates with a click of a button everything needed.
Together, the bundles contain more than 200 reports, each customized to your environment using its own wizard.

Compliance Package Bundles

Three bundles contain a combination of policies and reports designed to for specific regulations:
  • PCI-DSS – Policies & Reports for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
  • SOX – Policies & Reports for Sarbanes-Oxley
  • HIPAA – Policies & Reports for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Compliance Bundles

The Compliance Bundles are part of Declarative Auditing, when we know what activity we wish to audit. Each Compliance Bundle contain policies & reports designed to address a specific aspect of compliance as well as good practices:
  • DBAs & Privileged Users – Reports for monitoring privileged activity. Including Login and Failed Login to DBA accounts, DML Activity, Detailed SQL activity and more.
  • Sessions – Reports for monitoring Logins and Failed Logins. Including User summary, Program summary, Detailed sessions and more.
  • DDLs – Reports for monitoring Schema changes, Authorization changes, Programming changes (such as triggers and procedures) and more.
  • Tables – Reports for monitoring SQL activity against sensitive tables. Including summary by User or Program, DML activity, detailed SQL listing and more.
  • Programs – Reports for monitoring particular programs such as SQL*Plus, SQL Developer & Toad.
  • Application Users – Reports for monitoring Application User account activity as well as monitoring or unauthorized activity to application accounts (activity from unauthorized programs, machines, or IP addresses).
  • Data Changes – Reports for monitoring Redo Log activity containing before and after values of changes to monitored tables.

Security Bundles

The Security Bundles are part Intelligent Auditing when we want Core Audit to analyze the activity and find suspicious events. Each Security Bundle performs analysis on different portions of the database activity looking for anomalies that might indicate of an attack or a breach:
  • General Security – Analysis reports of all the activity in the database to locate Users, Programs, SQLs and more that haven’t been seen recently, that create a higher than usual load, or that perform activity at an unusual hour.
  • Application Security – Analysis reports targeted to application accounts to locate SQL injection, Suspicious programs, and more.
  • Table Security – Analysis reports targeting specific sensitive tables to locate unusual SQL activity.