Online Demo

Online Demo
Core Audit is a powerful Oracle database auditing solution. Use the various guides to help you walk through Core Audit and see some of its capabilities. Click the button below to launch the Core Audit Web Console.

Demo Scenarios

There are several options for walking through the demo
  • Impression tour – If you are only interested in seeing what Core Audit looks like and clicking around, launch the Web Console using the button above
  • Self-guided walk-through – points out the main screens in Core Audit and explain a little about their functionality
  • Self-guided Detective – concentrating on Breach Detection, Incident investigation, and Postmortem Analysis
  • Detective Challenge – Play detective and try to find the attacks and breaches performed against the databases
  • Personal demo – To request a personal web demo from one of our experts

Demo Information

The online demo is a real Core Audit Console working against a real system. For obvious reasons, you will only have read-only access to the system. For full access, download the Free Trial.
The demo contains auditing of 5 databases performed on January 15, 2013. The databases are a mix of Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g running on SPARC Solaris, Linux 32/64bit, AIX, and Windows. The repository names are very descriptive.
For more information:
  • Demo Information contains details about the demo applications that were audited in the demo, and explanations about the attacks performed.
  • Performance and Sizing – contains information about the system used for the auditing of this demo and the performance metrics observed