Yearly Archive: 2014

What is Private?

First of all a disclaimer – I’m not a lawyer and have no extensive knowledge of the laws of any country. This article represents my opinion and nothing more. Following a few stories on the news, it occurred to me that the lines of privacy are becoming difficult to define in the digital age. I […]

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From the hacker’s perspective

How would you hack? I noticed that when I’m trying to secure a system I always have a very organized and structured way of thinking. On the other hand, when I’m asked that question “How would you hack this?” I always have a very different way of thinking. It’s a lot more random and out-of-the-box. […]

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Security Myths and Truths

When we watch movies and hear chatter we unconsciously internalize a lot of myths about security. I think it’s time to separate some myths from actual truths. Myth #1: Hackers are all powerful “A good hacker can gain access to any system in 5 minutes and change or steal whatever they want”. While I shouldn’t […]

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